Dental Implant::ANKYLOS®


For genuine TissueCare. This means long-term stability for hard tissue and soft tissue, lasting esthetics and the certainty that you will see your patients laughing without the embarrassment of visible crown margins for many years to come.

25 years connected with you

2012 ANKYLOS celebrates 25 years of implant success and its TissueCare Connection has always been a proponent of stable long-term esthetics. For 25 years ANKYLOS has also been connected with loyal users – “connected with you”...

Right from the beginning ANKYLOS was different from all the others: internal tapered connection, system-immanent platform-switching, progressive thread design – a small revolution in 1987. Initially ANKYLOS was belittled as being “exotic”, then it was envied for its sensational success rates and today – well, there is a little bit of ANKYLOS in many implant systems. The secret of ANKYLOS? For the past 25 years your constant feedback from dental practice has been a part of the further development of ANKYLOS.

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